Talking about resilience and change

Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce back’ from the setbacks and difficulties we experience  through life. It is a very important ability in contemporary organisations since resilient people perform better at times of change.  It is catching, so resilient people help others build and maintain their resilience.

Can you develop resilience?

Some people's experience has made them more resilient than others.  However everyone can develop their resilience, by increasing awareness and then developing capacity by using some simple tools and techniques. With practice these become regular habits.  

How can Diamond Facilitation help?

  • Click here for more information about Resilience for Results

  • You can take this free questionnaire to find out how resilient you are at the moment

  • Download the Nine Inspirational Quotes about resilience leaflet - or click here to find out more about the source of the quotes

  • Contact me for more information or for a no-obligation discussion about how I can help you, your team, or your organisation, become more resilient and better able to cope with change.

Diamond Facilitation is based on the outskirts of Exeter in Devon, but can work across the UK and internationally.  I specialise in building resilient and authentic leaders and teams. 

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