Team Coaching



I can help you by facilitating a one off session, or by providing on going coaching for the team.  I will work with you to understand your requirements, and then design a programme that meets your needs.  I can use a range of approaches, including personality profiling and outdoor challenges, to really help develop the collective resilience of your team.  I can also supply you with practical tools you can use to continue developing the team on an ongoing basis. Recent assignments include:

Local medical committee – building the leadership team

Our client, the Director of Operations, identified a need for the team (herself, her deputy and six GPs) to develop trust and confidence in each other to improve their collective approach to some difficult negotiations they were responsible for.  


I engaged a registered  outdoors provider to set up and run a ‘Dartmoor Challenge’ in which the team tackled a number of tasks which brought out important lessons about leadership and teamwork.  I then facilitated a debrief using the MBTI framework which allowed even more understanding of how different personalities can work together for the good of the team.

The day was a memorable one and our client was delighted with the greater cohesiveness the team demonstrated in subsequent negotiations.  She subsequently commissioned me to provide a follow up session to improve the team’s collective decision making and ability to manage stress.

Clinical commissioning group - development session for a newly formed team

An Assistant Director at a Clinical Commissioning group approached me to help develop her newly formed team.

 I facilitated a session to help the team develop a Team Charter to clarify their purpose and values, and introduced the Working Styles model to help individuals understand more about each other and their approach to the work.

Our client felt that this short session had laid a very effective framework for the team to build on, by developing clear team objectives etc.  She intends to invite us back to help the team review progress later in the year.


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